As an IT Developer and IT Entrepreneur I love to start new projects.

The projects I'm currently working on are:
WeGotYourStack | Gallery Viewer | Social Impact Manager | Contacthond


We build IT products in a transparent, efficient and personal way. We believe that we are different from the rest. Look at our pricing for example.

Founder & IT Manager
Gallery Viewer

Gallery Viewer is the online representative for art galleries in the Dutch market. This game-changing approach connects new art enthusiasts with existing art galleries.

UX & IT Manager
Social Impact Manager

Social Impact Manager is an App which connects people who want to do good with the right cause. We believe that if people are confronted with 'do good projects' that match their profile, people are more willing to give time, money or share expertise.

Co-Founder, UX & Front-end Dev

Contacthond is a Dutch charity that uses special dogs for different types of therapies for different kind of people.

Digital advisor & Web Developer